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Dental implants have given patients with missing teeth the ability to enjoy renewed oral health, as well as the confidence that comes with teeth that look and feel natural. Implants do not require special daily maintenance and allow you to eat all of your favorite foods once again. Dr. Ellis and his staff provides dental implant treatment in Midlothian, TX, to help patients achieve beautiful new smiles.

The Benefits of Dental ImplantsDental-Implants-in-Midlothian-Texas-Dentistry

Patients who choose dental implants in place of other restorations enjoy improved quality of life. Denture patients often find that the hassle of cleaning, applying, and wearing their dentures every day creates quite a bit of hassle, with little positive return – full plates of dentures can block the palate, become uncomfortable or loose throughout the day, and even cause gum tissues to shrink. But replacing teeth with dental implants offers patients the benefits of:

• Strong, permanent restorations
• Improved oral function
• Teeth replacements that can last a lifetime
• Life-like and natural-looking prosthetics

Implant Placement in Midlothian, TX

Before beginning treatment, Dr. Ellis verifies that you are a good candidate for implants by checking bone and soft tissue health. Depending on your oral health and your needs, Dr. Ellis can place one or more dental implants at his dental office. Patients who are missing back teeth and who have sufficient bone to support an implant are good candidates for in-office implant surgery.

Other patients, such as those who need front teeth replaced or who require a bone graft, will be referred to a local specialist for oral surgery.  Dr. Ellis only sends patients to specialists he trusts – our implant surgeon has even performed major oral surgery on Dr. Ellis himself.
We help patients get access to flapless implant surgery – a less invasive approach to implant dentistry that promotes faster recovery and does not require incisions. With flapless implant surgery, implants are placed directly at the site of a missing tooth

Implant-Supported Restorations for One or Multiple Teeth

After your implant(s) have been placed either at our office or by our oral surgeon, they’ll need time to heal and integrate with surrounding bone. This process, called osseointegration, is what makes implants such long-lasting and strong replacements for missing teeth.

The final step in the process involves restoring your implant by placing either a single implant crown for one missing tooth, a fixed dental bridge for a group of teeth, or a full set of dentures to correct total tooth loss. For implant denture patients, we provide both hybrid dentures and permanent, screw-retained over-dentures.

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